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Friday, March 6, 2015

March 6: Beginning Bible Art Journaling: Adding a Character

Hello friends,
Are you having fun yet?  I am thoroughly enjoying going through this month Bible Art Journaling with you!  I have been having a little bit of trouble getting my photos to upload onto blogspot, so that is why sometimes my post is running into the night before it actually posts. I will keep trying to get these up by 8pm!

Today we are moving onto the second page in my journaling Bible--woohoo!  I want to warn you we will have a LOT going on on these pages by the time Tuesday rolls around.  Do not get overwhelmed.  It is perfectly fine for you to focus on less than I am showing here or to put less on your pages. I'm showing you a LOT because I want you to get as much in the form of example (and Scripture explanation) as possible.

Today I have a simple part to show you...I will add to this tomorrow.  I used one of my HYMN GIRL stamps (HYMN GIRL: HEART TO CHEEK) and stamped her on Xpress It blending cardstock and colored her with Copic Markers.  Copic markers AND the black ink will show through on a bible page so I always stamp an image/color with Copic markers on separate paper, cut out the image, and adhere it to the bible.  I will show you the back of this page and how to handle any bleed through from stamped words when we get there.  But no Copic Markers directly on bible paper.
I used a stamp from Inspired Stamps: Bible Art Journaling: BIBLE STUDY PHRASES in the upper right hand corner of this page.  Remember, you don't NEED stamps to do this.  You can either not use a character at all, draw one of your own, or use a different image in yours.  You can write out the words, too, as we have on the previous page.  I use what I have on hand; you can too! If you use a piece of copy paper, you can use a piece along the right side like so...
 Next up I wanted to begin to get down how I am to apply what I am learning about the one saying 'I, me, my' in this psalm, because his view of Scripture is to be my view of Scripture.  I drew a heart:
 I wrote using my lined paper as a guide (see previous days for instructions on this)
 I store up God's Word in my heart!
Why do I store up God's Word in my heart?  The psalmist says 'that I might not sin against God'.  That is one reason.  I will dig out more applications of the Scripture in tomorrow's post.  I want to share one more thing with you I did:
I started marking the I, ME, MY in what we've read through so far in Psalm 119.  I circled every pronoun in purple (erasable, Frixion marker) and I underlined the verbs that went with it.  It will make it easier for tomorrow's listing as you will see.  I also added in my own handwriting with a Micron 03 black pen, '~Walk In God's Ways~v3 (from verse 3 in this psalm) which tells how I am to apply what God tells me in His Word; I am to walk, as a way of life, in God's Ways, as He's provided in Scripture. 

Tomorrow I will share what the application and attitudes I list under that heart I put on the page are concerning God's Word. I am absolutely humbled by your emails letting me know you are starting your own Bible Art Journaling, right here along with me in Psalm 119!  I pray for you to be blessed by your time of study and meditation in God's Word!  Thank you so much for sharing your hearts with me...I am so blessed by it!

Until then,
May God bless your ART...and your Heart!

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