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Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 2: Chalks, watercolors, stamps, and marker (fear)

Hello Christian Art Journals and Friends,
Today is Day 2 in our 31 Days of Christian Art Journaling, and we are keeping it to the above tools PLUS my hairdryer (VALUABLE tool, when you just need it to DRY FASTER!!). 

I chose the verse from 2 Timothy that discusses fear because I am someone who has a hard time recognizing when I'm overly-stressed.  I know, I'm weird.  But, unfortunately, my body picks up on it and causes me great stomach pain (yep, I have the Zantac ever handy) and since I dislocated my shoulder a few years ago, now my shoulder/back/and ulnar nerve share in the letting me know. But I find being in God's Word and prayer are my two best weapons against fear and stress.  I know my Lord has me and NOTHING can touch me without His permission.  What a truly wonderful thing!!  Here's my journal beginnings:

I put a line of blue watercolor across, then added water from my water jar using my paintbrush while holding the journal up, so drips would fall.  (I'm gonna warn you now, before we hit other techniques, I LOVE DRIPS, SPLATS, SMEARS, and DROPS!!):

Here's the hairdryer!!  Next I added a bluegreen color like this:
Chalk comes next.  The key to chalk is to rub it in to the page with your fingers, which has natural oils that help set it into the paper.

Next I stamped over the chalk.  One pointer is if you want your stamped image to be STRONG, I stamp it first before chalks.  If you want it rustic looking, stamp it OVER the chalks.  I did mine over the chalk:
Next I wanted my journaling to be WAVY, just like my stomach when I am nervous LOL!  So I cut a wavy pattern out of black cardstock with scissors and drew my lines in pencil:
 Then I just move the paper down so the lines are about the same distance apart:
Next I write my journaling in (those penciled in lines are like magic!  You will like your own handwriting better when you use a guide like this):
 I Chalked the word FEAR in black and had some watercolor over it, dripping down, to represent the Fear melting away as the Power, Love, and Discipline in blue wash over it.  No I didn't think of that when making this.  I never know where I'm going until I start writing.  It's all about the process for me and my focus on God's Word in my life.

I'm going to stop today with some yellow chalk 'highlighting'.  I may come back to this a later day and define the parameters with some black marker or collage strips.

Tomorrow we will do a very basic acrylic paint background technique.  You will need your favorite color (or two or three) of acrylic paints and a used credit card or gift card or other card.  It's a staple technique to many fellow art journalers and for me too!

 Be sure you leave a comment if you are following along.   I like to know you are out there and how your Day 1 went if you're joining us! :o)
May God bless your ART...and your HEART!
Inspired stamp used:  2 Timothy 1:7 


Queen Bee said...

This is so fabulous Antoinette! What a wonderful way to journal

glowegal said...

Gorgeous, Antoinette!! I love how you let your love for God guide your art. Beautiful!!

Anita said...

This is stunning!

sandyh50 said...

This is so cool, I am so glad I checked out your blog today!

Sue Cottle said...

Hi Antoinette - I found your blog last night, after googling Christian Art Journalers. I follow Kristal Norton and Julie Balzar, but they include a lot of stuff that's not ... appropriate ... so it was cool to find you!

Love your 31 day workshop - I've already done the first 2 days!


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