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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 31: Beginning Bible Art Journaling

Hello friends!
Oh our final day!  But it's only the beginning!  My prayer is you will go to another section of Scripture and go through it OBSERVANTLY as we have done Psalm 119!  I recommend to choose other Psalms to start, then why not head over to one of the Gospels?  Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions you have or come upon in your bible art journaling!  (inspiredstamps@gmail.com)

Our final entry is simple and included a little bee sticker I have that is thin and that I wanted to use!!  I wrote out what I am to bee about doing and what God will do:

 Isn't he just the cutest?
 So above is this final page and below I took photos of all of the pages from our 31 Days of March:

I hope you have been blessed by this little introduction and that you will leave your comments and thoughts as you come across this!  I have 52 Weeks of BIBLE ART JOURNALING here on this blog as well as 52 Weeks of Scripture Memorization in a Grateful Journal!

Have a blessed day!
May God bless your ART...and your HEART!

Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30: Beginning Bible Art Journaling

Hello friends,
Today's post is going to complement the last post in colors:
 I still have the Liquitex clear gesso on the right page and decided to use watercolor paints on the right hand side:

 I just cannot get over how much I dislike the grainy texture!  It made the watercolors somewhat splotchy and they didn't have enough movement for my liking...plus the hairs from the paintbrush went all over the place (you can see some I left on this page!) But I love this page as far as what God has put here so the important part is present:
 I used some of the stamps from my GodblessyourART etsy shop to focus on this paragraph (and the particular verse that I wanted to remember):
Tomorrow we will finish up our 31 Days of Beginning Bible Art Journaling!
May God bless your ART...and  your HEART!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 29: Beginning Bible Art Journaling

Hello friends! 
Can you believe we have just two more days in our 31 Days of March?  I will be sharing pages you can do in one sitting, for those days you don't have a lot of time, but my prayer is  you continue to take your time and observe small parts of Scripture and meditate on those, storing God's treasure in your heart!

I Used Liquitex CLEAR GESSO for these pages so there would be no bleed through and I can use some new mediums for you to see.  I have ordered a different clear Gesso that I will try on the last two pages which should be in any day and then I will post those on the March dates there were supposed to be up.

 I then added a couple of different types of Acrylic paint (no I have no idea where this is going at this point, just playing and hoping it all works out lol)
 I add some stamps from my stamp line HYMN: BACKGROUND STAMPS using white paint on the bubble wrap image stamp

Then I used the radom line stamp from the same set to make light texture in the background.
More stamping and coloring in with my Microns and Frixion pens and one of my HYMN GIRLS: JANUARY stamps...
And some more stamp and micron writing here...
...Led to this ending which I really love!  I highlighted the verses I wrote out. 

I will be back in a few days to put in the last two entries and will back date them so you can find them easier where they are supposed to be on their correct dates.

Have a very blessed Easter!!
May God bless your ART...and your HEART,

Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 28: Beginning Bible ART Journaling

Hello friends,
Today I am sharing the next page I created using Pan Pastels.  Remember, you can used colored pencils to create similar affect, so you don't need to purchase new product to recreate what I show you.  I just want to share as many different techniques as I can for you to give you ideas.

I love this page, it's simple and really helps me to focus on that verse!  God's Word, and the unfolding of it in particular, imparts understanding to the simple.  We don't have to be theologians or college graduates to understand His Word when we have the Holy Spirit to illuminate for us.  What a blessing!  What an amazingly gracious and merciful God we serve!!

Until next time,
May God bless your ART and your HEART,

Friday, March 27, 2015

March 27: Beginning Bible Art Journaling

Hello friends!
As I write this post it is Easter week (I'm a few days behind in my posting, so my goal is to get these all completed within the next week for you!)  Easter week is always so busy here, in such a wonderful way!  I hope you are having a wonderful time of reflection as you prepare your hearts for this weekend and the worship of Resurrection Sunday!!

Today I wanted to share with you how I dealt with the show through of the pen from the last page after I used hairspray to set my Pan Pastels:
I took a piece of copy paper and used the Pan Pastels to color it green:

 And stamp on it.  Notice I also added a tree up in the center where I had some bleed through too!
Tomorrow we will move on to the next page!

Until then,
May God bless your ART...and your HEART!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Week 13: Scripture Memorization in a Grateful Journal

Hello friends!

For this week's entry I am using a stamp set from my GodblessyourART etsy shop called BEARS ALL THINGS in addition to the CALENDAR set I use each week:

Hope you are counting your blessings and storing God's Word in your heart through memorization!
May God bless your ART...and your HEART,

March 26: Beginning Bible Art Journaling

Hello friends!
Today we shall tackle the blank page!!
Yesterday I took you through all the efforts I took to make sure this page worked out well with my Pan Pastels.  And here is how today's sesson went!

First, I read through and moaned in my heart that I have only enough time left in March to really choose a verse from this RICH SECTION OF SCRIPTURE and focus on it for my artwork.  But I may incorporate some of the other as we go along, so I quieted my resistance, and set to work:
I got out my sets of Pan Pastels (if you are new to this, google them or youtube them, there is a lot of info about them out there).  I love them so much and they are blend-able and erasable!

I knew I wanted to focus on the verse "Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path"  A lamp shows bright light up close; this is why we need God's Word DAILY...He gives us what we need for the moment.  But it also is a light unto my path...it guides where I go next!  I knew I wanted to use one of my Hymn Girls (Inspired Stamps) and HYMN GIRLS: DECEMBER has a girl with her book/hymnal open...I made it the bible.  I also wanted 'light' to come from it to her feet, and I knew I wanted a path.
I stamped her, cut her out and laid her (not glued down yet) to the side to help me figure where I wanted my sky.  I didn't cover the words, but made a sky around them instead.
I did the same thing with green but apparently forgot to photograph that part lol.  And created a path under her using an eraser to help make the path more clear:

I stamped the word 'BIBLE' from the same stamp set onto her book so it's clear what she's reading (notice the part under her is smooth green at this point and the pen from the other side is not showing...yet)
Then I sprayed with hairspray to set it and...wow is the writing from behind showing through...bu only where I had pen. The micron work and the other Frixion work does not show through.  Lesson learned!  So I will be putting something over these sections tomorrow, keeping with the 'scene' I've created on this page.  I share this with you because as you try new things you WILL have some effect you dislike and you need to keep it in perspective, not worrying that you've 'ruined' anything. Most things can be covered with a cute sticker or copy paper shape!  Don't let it stress you, but see it as an opportunity to do a little more creatively.

Tomorrow I will share the fixes (which made my heart happy because there was more I wanted to tackle here anyhoo!

May God bless your ART...and your HEART,

March 31: Beginning Bible Art Journaling

Hello friends! Oh our final day!  But it's only the beginning!  My prayer is you will go to another section of Scripture and go throu...