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Monday, February 27, 2012

Christian Art Journaling Materials: Getting ready!

Hello Friends!!
I'm so excited to begin a 31 day journey into Christian Art Journaling with you!! You may have never heard of Art Journaling before, much less how to incorporate your Christian Faith into it, so we'll start with a loose definition I've come up with.

ART JOURNALING Defined:  While Art Journaling is defined in many different ways, depending on whom you ask, I define art journaling as artistic expression,  but with the PROCESS as the main point of it, not a specific artistic outcome in mind (usually).  It is a way to document, create, and express your ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings, lists, dreams, fears, journeys, etc.    For the month of March, we are specifically talking about CHRISTIAN ART JOURNALING.

CHRISTIAN Art Journaling:  We will be creating pages from Mixed Media paper using different artistic medium and techniques to express our faith, utilizing Biblical Scripture, words, and other Christian pieces of our lives.  You can use these 31 days as a place to:
*memorize and/or reflect on Scripture   *express what you are going through in your life  *express what you see God doing in you to make you more like Christ   *experiment with materials  *get down feelings   * write your prayers with the embellishment of colorful techniques  *record your blessings or what you are thankful for  *record a journey you are on (cancer, recovery, getting older, raising a family, growing in Christ, etc)

EACH DAY in March, there will be a post with a new page and technique!  You can copy mine, or copy the technique, or just be inspired as you process your own journal in YOUR favorite way.

The basics are the following:
*a black Sharpie marker (for doodling/writing)
*something to add color to your page (watercolor pencils, crayons, markers, acrylic paints, chalks, or a set of  watercolors will do---use what you have, but if you are able have a set of watercolors and maybe a few acrylic paints.  I will be using all of these during the month, so you can wait and see which techniques you like.
*the paper needs to be sturdy, mixed media paper Here are 2 of the albums I will be working in:
   *I also will be using stamps from the Inspired Stamps online store (Scripture/shapes/characters/etc)  but you can print out your Scripture or write it out.

THIS IS ALL YOU HAVE TO HAVE!  Don't let lack of material stop you from joining us!  This is so much fun!!
**********************Other Items You'll See Me Use************************************
Here are other items I'll be using, for your reference:
Lots of markers...White Signo Pen is my favorite white pen
Love my Sharpies, Pitt Pens, and Copic Markers
High end watercolors:  Koi   and very inexpensive watercolors both work well.  
 White and Black acrylic paint plus brushes and sponge tools
  Liquid acrylic paint is my favorite!  Pricey though it is!
 Whatever mists/washes...I use them interchangeably
 I do buy stencils, but usually use my Cricut to cut out a stencil.
 Different colors of Acrylic paint:  I use yellow/orange/red brown most.
I've used several different brands of Gesso.  This is a fun material, especially on
canvas and watercolor paper!
Adhesives for adding tissue paper, paper, collage, etc.
                                             I prefer mat Gel Medium; some like the glossy.

I'd love to hear from you if you plan to either participate or watch our month long posts so be sure to leave a comment and let me know you were here!  Be sure to come by THURSDAY for Day #1!  We'll be starting with stamps, watercolors, and markers in our BRAND NEW BOOKS!
May God bless your ART...and your HEART,


Terri Wiese said...

Hi Antoinette! I hope to follow your 31 days of Christian Art Journaling -- and hope to learn a lot!! Thanks for all the time you're putting into this?

Adrienne Collett said...

hi, is this over? I am new to art journaling and wanted to do something that speak of my faith in Jesus.

Adrienne Collett said...

is this group closed? I am new to art journaling and want to write, and do art as the Lord allows.

Antoinette said...

Adrienne, I did finish the 31 Days of March, but all the postings are here so just follow through each day! Also I will be picking back up with my Friday 52 weeks of Bible Art Journaling in May. Thanks so much for joining us!

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