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Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 5: Beginning Bible Art Journaling: Psalm 119:1-24 'GOD'

Hello friends!
How is your Bible Art Journaling coming along?  I hope you are spending some time working in your own bible or outside your bibles in your art journals!  

Today I decided to use one of my Bible Art Journaling Inspired Stamps (Bible Art Journaling: PHRASES)
for the topper.  You do not need to use a stamp for this, but can do your own lettering for this section, but being a stamp creator, I love to use my stamps when I can!

 So I am going to show you how to observe the text in Psalm 119:1-24 and see where you have marked God (your and you are also marked as pronouns for God).  I love listing what I learn about the God I love, and my Bible Art Journaling is the perfect place to make such a list.  I made 2 lines with a ruler:

 and wrote in the Psalm...
 You'll notice I redid the stamping and line making because my original list was too long to go in my bible so I started over and wrote smaller:
 I always include the verses so I can find the reference easier, but having made this list, I go over it to see what all I know about the God of the Bible, the God I love.  He has the power to keep me from wandering from His commandments and opens my understanding!  I have a cross reference in Luke that says how God reveals truth and conceals truth to some.  It is another testimony to His supreme sovereignty and all-powerfulness!  So how do we apply what we learn?  First of all, I acknowledge He has the power in these situations.  Giving glory to God is to give 'a correct estimate of WHO He is'.  Next, it shows me my need to pray for understanding for myself and those I love; that He would keep me from wandering from His Word, as I study and store them in my heart and as I live this life in light of His truth!
Here is where I put this list.  I will show you how to attach another type of list tomorrow (lists are so good!!).
Until then, I pray you are blessed in your time with your Lord in His Word!
May God bless your HEART...and your ART,

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