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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Beginning Bible Art Journaling: March 7: Application

Hello friends,
It's the weekend!  We don't go the weekend without food for our bodies, and we need God's Word on the weekend too.  Today we will have a shorter lesson in the work you are doing in your bible, but the chewing on the Scripture part will take you throughout your day!

If you haven't yet, go through and somehow mark the ME, MY, I in the Scripture.  This is the writer of the Psalm and one who we want to emulate in His thoughts about God and His Word. So where you see one of the pronouns (I, me, my) referring to the author, you want to have some application for yourself.  And this is how I wrote some of it down in my Bible:
What is my response to be toward the Word of God?  I am to store it in my heart...memorize it.  Why?  'that I might not sin against God'.  Did you realize that storing God's Word in your heart, memorizing Scripture and pouring over it, is forefront in your battle against sin?  What else?  As you go through where you marked the author's pronouns and see what you learn about the author, you will find Scripture that says he meditates on God's Word, fixes his eyes on it (focuses his attention there instead of other places), delights in it...do YOU DELIGHT in the Scripture?  If not, pray to God that He would 'incline your heart' more and more to it!  He says he keeps it, or obeys Scripture.  It's one thing to KNOW what God says, and an entirely different thing to obey Him.  What else do you see in the Scripture we've read thus far?  Write it down there.

Notice I have room left...we are not done on this page with our observation of the Scriptures so I left room for other ways we are to walk in His ways.

Not a lot to do today, but certainly a lot to go before your Lord with and thank Him even for the desire to want more of Him!

May God bless your ART...and your HEART,

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