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Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 8: Beginning Bible Art Journaling: What you learn about GOD

Hello friends,
Happy Sunday to you! I have planned this post in advanced for you to see on Sunday since I am busy with church and family today!  

Today's post is a continuation of what we learn about God from our first page of Psalm 119:
We are using our big margin for our application so I used an inner section to write what I learn about God on this page after Ive gone through and marked the next section:

My prayer is that you don't just write stuff in your bible to have stuff there, that your Bible (even if you have others you primarily use to study from ) would not become background paper to your artwork, but that what you put in there is to benefit your study of God's Word in some way. 

My hope is that when you make a list like the one above you take time to think on it, chew on it (that is what to meditate is), and go to God in worship and praise over Who He is.  In just Psalm 119 I see the God of the Bible teaches and leads me in His Word...I pray for His leading and teaching when I study it.  We see He turns my eyes from looking at worthless things and has the power to incline my heart to Him and His Word...I pray for these things and thank Him for these things.  Do you want the false ways to be far from you?  This Psalm says God does this as we study His Word...how powerful is that?  Our God gives life!  How grateful we are to Him for the life we have and the life He's given those we love.  And we continue to pray for the unsaved, that God would grant to them the understanding of His precious gospel and that he would incline their hearts to Himself and have eternal life as well. 

Have a blessed Sunday meditating on these wonderful truths!  Now that you've had a week to get used to using your pencils, markers, and copy paper, I will begin introducing you to some other materials and techniques to use while Bible Art Journaling.  You can ALWAYS stick with what you've been doing, and the materials you have. Tomorrow I will show you how to make your own colorful tape and how to use washi tape.

May God bless your HEART...and your ART,

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