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Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9: Beginning Bible Art Journaling: Making colorful tape to use

Hello friends,
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  The first week of our Beginning Bible Art Journaling is complete!  You should be more comfortable with using pencils, pens, and copy paper on your Bibles.  If this is all you have or all you are comfortable with, you may continue to use the techniques and materials I have taught up until now.

Today I am going to start showing some other tools and techniques you can use in your Bible Art Journaling.  Today I would like to show you how to use washi tape.  It's just thin, patterened or colored paper that you can write on (or leave for decoration).  If you don't have washi tape handy, you can also make your own colored tape this way:
 I LOVE the non-stick pan lining paper...use it under my artwork all the time! But I use it to make my own tape too.  You can try out masking tape, clear tape, whatever you have on hand because you start out with the strips on this non-stick pan lining paper.  Anything you make that you hate, toss out!
 I drew a few designs but you can also just color the tape one color if you like.  I use regular Sharpie markers...they work best for me.
 I colored with different color Sharpies, and wanted to show you that you have to be careful not to color over a different color of Sharpie (see the center?) it will pick it up and move it into a mess!

I used Washi tape that I have been itching to use somewhere since I got it!  Here's what I did:
I tore off a few pieces of tape after figuring out the tape was too wide for the space I wanted to use it in my Bible:

I wrote out the lesson I learned from the Scripture that has just stuck with me since we have been going through Psalm 119!! 
 One note...I used my Bible Art Journaling: ARROWS with an archival ink that was way too juicy and this arrow shows up on the page behind in quite boldly (I have a clever way of dealing with it in tomorrow's post, because these things happen!).  Always test your inks on a plain page in the back of your bible or be very comfortable and improvising lol.

I chose this verse 24 because the writer says THEY (God's testimonies/His Word) ARE MY COUNSELORS.  So I looked up counselors and sure enough, it means that God's Word is to be my counselor, my adviser, the planner!!  How cool is that?  How convicting is that?  How many times do we go to others for advice instead of first going to God through prayer and His Word for guidance?  Do I pray about it as much as I talk about it, is a phrase I've heard a lot lately and boy did that ring true in my heart.  God's Word is to be my counselor.  I need to be seeking His advice, His counsel through His Word!  It's great we have fellowship to go to as well, but we are to go to Him first!
Here is how page 2 is looking...loving the pink dots on the washi tape!

Tomorrow we will finish this page and begin the next (can you believe it??  We are moving along!) On Wednesday we will be using stickers so if you have a stash, go ahead and get them out and ready!

May God bless your Art...and your HEART,

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