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Sunday, March 15, 2015

March 15: Beginning Bible Art Journaling

Happy Sunday!
Today I was very excited to find I had these sparkly feet stickers that were just what I wanted to use for this next section of Scripture!
I don't know why this photo is so dark, but you can see the sticker sheet on the left and the green feet I used on the right...I wrote in pen the verse, incorporating the sticker feet (nothing fancy here) and used a red Micron to show the motion of the turning of the feet towards God's Word!
 The NASB (my preferred word for word translation due to its accuracy) states this verse as I CONSIDERED which makes this verse very understandable...I've considered, carefully thought through, my ways and turned to God's Word.  I already know from previous verses that it's God that even gives me the ability to consider my ways and the ability and desire to turn to His Word and keep it...also a gift from God!  I love this verse because of what it means of the love and provision of my God in His enabling power! 
The page is looking very colorful and I like it so far...but we haven't fallen into the trap of just making pictures or pretty stickers to decorate our bibles; we are learning and using these tools to help us remember what we are learning and storing in our hearts!

Tomorrow we will add another element...if any of you do Project Life or have cute journaling cards, tomorrow's post will be very useful to you!!

May God bless your ART...and your HEART,

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