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Saturday, March 14, 2015

March 14: Beginning Bible Art Journaling: Make your OWN sticker (free printable!)

Hello friends,
Today I want to show you how to make your own sticker (you can use pretty much anything you want, but we will use this printable, you are free to copy and use for yourself (and I know some of you are using the printables I am providing in ministries and that is fine, too):
You can copy and print this or adjust the size (It's currently 1.5"x1.5"):
Here is how I used it in my Bible Art Journaling this week:

I ran the printable through the larger xyron machine, and it comes out as below now made completely permanently adhere-able on the back side; you can do this with letters, images, foam pieces, cardboard, etc:

I put it on the left side where night is spoken of several times in v56-62.  I added some star stickers I had in my sticker box.  This is a great way to pull truth's you observed around a key time phrase and make note of it. It said he rises at midnight to praise God...reminds me of times I've woken up in the middle of the night.  What a great reminder we can use that time to praise God (and pray for others!).
I used Momento ink to stamp between the green tape and the IN THE NIGHT sticker by stamping off the paper and then back on...didn't show through to the other side!

Have a blessed night praising our faithful God and I'll be back tomorrow with our next segment!
May God bless your ART...and your HEART!

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