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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 7: Paint smooshing (today)

 Hello Christian Art Journalers and friends!
Today I have a fun technique that I stumbled upon by accident and then thought....hmmmmmm? Cool technique.  I am CERTAIN I didn't invent this in the art journaling world, but I stumbled upon it organically. 

I'll start us off with a couple spritzes of the color mists, then I put the pages on each other (so the left side is ON the right side):

 Dried, it's really pretty on its own.  You can spend an afternoon filling up your journal with JUST THIS type of backgrounds if you are wanting to get a lot done at once!!  Just be sure to let them dry!
 Next I added purple and pink acrylic pain in puddles.  The bigger the puddles, the bigger the 'smoosh' will be. 
 Close the left side onto the right side and SMOOSH the pages together then open them up:

 You can get some really fun designs this way and it's totally random in outcome.  The thicker the paint, the longer drying time.  I used my hair dryer but it still took a while.  The camera didn't capture these pages well or the 'veiny' look the paint gets, so I'll show that at the end:
 I used the Inspired Stamps set Inspired Stamper's Favorite Collection here in white pigment then added flowers from the Inspired Stamps set Flower Buds to add flowers to a few spaces.
 I used my Signo White Pen to color in some of the flowers, write words on the left page, and journal on the right.  It's fun to journal where it's not so easy for everyone to read your journaling, or it's just a soft look.  You can always use black marker on this, for a stronger effect.
See the VEINS in the acrylic paint?  It's really a neat look in real life too!

Tomorrow we'll have some more fun, so be sure to stop by and see us!  Let us know if you were here today...leave us a comment and tell us what technique you have liked best so far.

Until tomorrow,
May God bless your ART...and your HEART!
Inspired Stamps Used:  Inspired Stampers Collection #2 and Flower Buds  check out the online store and our 40%off coupon by clicking on the stamp names in this section!

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