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Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 25: Beginning Bible Art Journaling

Hello friends,
Here is our last two pages complete, note that I used a regular writing pen on the section for GOD/ME in the inside of the margin and the UNGODLY under the acetate piece:
And we move on to the next pages...
Nothing is showing through and only a little wrinkling! I  noted the pen I used because I will not be using pen again, due to the strong impression it makes (you'll see why in a minute)

So we have these two pages, a page behind this one and half a page, and 6 days to complete it....challenge, accepted!

I got out my Pan Pastels and began experimenting on the page in the back of my bible.  I tried all kinds of fixatives, clear gesso, and other base items to see what will smear what will wrinkle the pages, etc.  I also do not want to cover God's Word with any medium I use:
I found a fixative that works really well and it's called my hairspray!!  Seriously, spent about $40 on different fixatives, and my hairspray worked best at sealing the pan pastels to my paper!:
Ok, spent today's time trying out different mediums on that last blank page of my Bible.  Your turn!  Get out your markers, pens, gessos, etc. and try out different things on the last blank page in your bible!  Tomorrow We will have a big page to do...

May God bless your ART...and your HEART,

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