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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 11: Beginning Bible Art Journaling: Using Stickers...

Hello friends,
Today we are on to the other side of the page...and you will see a couple of reasons stickers would work well here:
I used a lot of ink on the other side (using Momento and stamping off once works much better...I'll show you later!):
But I don't worry about this because I like to incorporate different things in my Art Bible, such as stickers.

Remember, if you don't have stickers, you can continue to use the techniques in the first week of our Bible ARt Journaling posts to journal in your bible!  I had these on hand...

I have shown you how to mark key words: God, His Word, and the author (me, my, I) and make lists on what you learn about these---this is so important and even if you don't make the lists in your bible, I hope you will continue in another journal.  I want to show you other ways to art journal in your bible.
You can take a verse that you don't want to forget and put it into the margin:
I used stickers and the tape from above along with a micron marker and Inspired Stamps for this.  I highlighted the verse I took it from for easy reference.   I'll do more with this verse tomorrow...
Until then,
May God bless your ART...and your heart,

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