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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lettering Journal

Hello friends!
Some people collect shoes; I collect journals.  I love them all...big ones, small ones, round ones, ones to write in, watercolor paper ones, and on and on.   I usually see decorating the front cover as delicious as licking the frosting off the spoon, it's such a wonderful time!  Today was no different!

I have a MOLESKEINE SQUARED notebook (large)---I got mine with a gift card at the book store but found this link in case you want to see it better  HERE.   It's perfect to practice lettering or drawing in (I know mine is for lettering and I have others for drawing, but it all kinda happens at the same time for me so don't be surprised if I post pages of this in the future and there is a sketch of an upcoming Hymn Girl stamp in there lol).

I put Golden's Liquid acrylic in white on parts of it because I intended to keep it black and white and just write LETTERING on the front.  But that didn't happen so I ended up putting shiny liquid acrylics in pink and blue over the dried white:
Daler-Rowney FW603201122 Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Ink 1 oz. Sun-up BlueHere's the blue I used.

Here's the journal:
 I put a glossy gel medium to adhere the HYMN GIRL: SEPTEMBER (Inspired Stamps found HERE) on a piece of white tissue paper to the journal.  I colored her and everything else with Copic Markers and outlined in Micron and Sharpies:

 Above is a peek into what I have done for a front cover of a journal I made for the Bible Art Journaling post.  I'm camped out in Romans chapter 1-3 in this particular journal so SIN is the overarching topic and will be my title.  I was playing around with different fonts to see what I wanted to do with it and here are a couple of pages I used.  I am a note-taker so I always have notes with ideas for a font or if something strikes me I may want to use with a specific purpose in a future page I'm already thinking about.

I'll be back Friday afternoon/evening with my Bible Art Journaling post and I'll give you the link I used to make this particular journal (I can't stop making these and I know some of you will have to make some too!)
Blessings and May God bless your HEART...and your ART,

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