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Thursday, December 4, 2014

25 Days of Christmas...Matthew 1:18 (and your HANDWRITING!)

Hello friends!
I am working through my Bible Art Journal in December using some of my favorite sections of the gospels to compile the Christmas Story...plus a little more in the book of John I just couldn't leave out!

Today I want to tell you it's GOOD to use your own handwriting!  I actually had a class in college that taught me fairly perfect penmanship because I was teaching children how to write...but I rarely use it in my daily life outside of a classroom.  Why?  Because I do believe our own handwriting really comes with its own flair of personality to it.  So with that said, I want to give you a couple of tips in making your own handwriting more pleasing to your own eye...

I am a huge stamper (which is a good thing since I now run a small Christian stamp company LOL).  But you can use your own handwriting for much of any journaling you do, and just add stamps to give it a little variance (more on this another day).

I created the backgrounds in this journal using Ranger Dylusions spray inks and journal.  Here is the Scripture I wrote on the first pages of my 25 Days of Christmas Journal:
Now to take the printing up a notch, add marks to the tips of all your letters:
 before (above) and after (below).  It already looks better this way...
Next I add color to make Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit pop, including white pen to the black letters:

Then comes an Inspired Stamp: NATIVITY SET's Mary to this page with a couple of personal notes in pen below:
I hope this helped someone to play a bit with your own handwriting and feel a little more comfortable writing in your Art Journal!  I'll be back soon with more pages!

May God bless your ART and your heart,
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