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Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 23: Gel Medium with paper dimension

 Hello Christian Art Journalers and friends,
Today I have a really favorite color combo of acrylic paints plus a way to add paper items so that they mesh into the background (not stick out) so you can draw, paint, etc and they look like part of the page!
First I paint purple with a brush:
 Then quickly put your blue on (the best is if this doesn't dry!)
 Next put white acrylic paint onto a paper towel and pound the paper towel, into the wet paint, changing paper towels as you pick up the paint that's down already:

 I wanted more purple so I added more at this point.

Dont forget to dry this before moving to the next step.
 I really hated the white inner seam so I used color misting until I was happy.  Make SURE you put paper towels under the holes or all your previous and future pages can be blue, too LOL
 Dry it.
 Next I used the Inspired Stamps His Little Ones:Boy Praying and just used Staz-On (waterproof/perm ink) so it won't smear when I apply the gel medium.
 Put the Gel medium under and over this, adding extra around the outside of him so when he dries he's now mesh with the paper.  Remember that the lines of the paintbrush will be there so if you want to use your finger or smooth applicator you can (I don't mind the lines)
 I stamp my Inspired Stamps Scripture using the purple Staz-On on paper, cut it out, and adhere it in the same way I did the character:
 DRY this thoroughly before moving on:
 I wanted my character to be a girl (yes, there is a HLO: Praying Girl, but this is fun to change an image using Sharpies!)  I colored over her eyes and hair...I actually recommend if you are going to color her with Copic markers, color first then do the hair.
 I went ahead and colored her face, eyes, and outfit with Copic Markers (you can use acrylic paint, Sharpies, etc. instead). 
Here's where our pages will end today.  When I post Day 24 I will share the rest I did with these pages.
I hope you are doing well in your own journey!  Be sure to leave me a comment here if you are visiting!

May God bless your ART...and your HEART!
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