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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 12: Gesso washing to tone down a page

Hello Christian Art Journalers and friends,
Ok, today is a very important technique if you ever make a page that you: 1)hate  or  one that is 2) too loud.  I did BOTH to the one above after I had the bubble wrap technique for you. 

Gesso is a wonderful medium that looks like white paint, but it's so much more fun!  I have another technique I want to show with it that I won't spoil now, but today we will make a Gesso Wash.  I use a canning jar, so I can put a lid on it and keep if for a little while!  I did about 50% each, water and gesso here.  If you want MORE coverage, use less water.  Less coverage? use more water:
 Brush it over the area you want toned down:
 If you look you can see stamping and painting under the wash, but it's less LOUD :o)
Next I used a Coffee Break Design Stencil I got at the Heirloom show a couple of weeks ago to sponge on some yellow acrylic paint 'suns':

 I added some journaling, but plan to come back to this another day.  If I still don't like it, I can always take a gift card and some acrylic and start all over.  I usually give my pages a couple of tries before I 'redo' them.  It's more fun to FIX UP something :o)
Next up is a great tool: Watercolor Pencils!
Thanks so much for joining me on this journey!  I'm having a LOT of fun playing!
May God bless your ART...and your HEART!

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