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Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 5: Doodling with Markers (pleasing to Him)

Hello Christian Art Journalers and friends!
Today we are focusing on what to do on vacation or when your out at a sporting event/other event and DONT have more than some markers with you!  And that brings me to why I am investing so much time in showing you HOW to make simple backgrounds...you can do them in advanced (as I did above for today's post).  I love to make backgrounds one working period, then when I'm out and about, I can have my journal all ready for just the marker work!   You CAN work your marker just on white paper, and some love this better, going back LATER to color in their doodles/journaling. Either way is FINE!  You can also just do marker work and NOT add color! 

For today I had premade this side of the page with the color mists and water technique I shared in Day 4. So everything's dry, I just take the journal, and different width black markers (you can use colored markers, gel pens, Copics, etc if you like) and my trusty Signo White pen (I get mine at Archivers by the register...best white pen I've found!).  I grab my Bible or go to a site like www.biblegateway.com to get my Bible verse, or you could stamp this if you wanted to, and get to work.

First I turn my journal (yes, it's legal to turn it, I believe, and if not, it's mine and I wanted it turned LOL so I did):
 The first thing I drew was the ground line, then the flower (using different width pens gives it this look).  Then I used my pitt calligraphy marker (must have in my supply box!) to write the verse:

 Having the color already down gives this a unique look.  If I had done the marker first, I could have colored the flower one color, the leaves another, etc.  I can always go back and do that, if I want.  Next comes the Signo White pen to add some highlight and dimension.  I think it really finishes the page to have this added touch:

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See how much POP that gives? 
So a pretty basic technique again today, but you have enough in these 5 days to fill up mounds of Art Journaling pages.  Tomorrow we will start some layering techniques, so be sure to have your acrylics and some die cuts/stencil/or other masking materials handy!

Are you having FUN yet?  I'm loving getting to hear from you so let me know if you are watching or joining us! 
May God bless your ART...and your HEART!

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