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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 3: Beginning Bible Art Journaling: Psalm 119:4-8

Hello friends,
Today I have a couple of new skills to share with you as we continue on in our study of Psalm 119:4-8.  Again, I want to thank all of you for the many emails I have received from all over the world and the US as well, sharing about yourselves and your joining us for this Beginning Bible Art Journaling through Psalm 119!  I am blessed beyond all measure to hear from you and to have the privilege of going through God's Word with you!

Let's get to the page and I'll explain as we go :o)
I marked the text with W over all words that mean God's Word (testimonies, precepts, etc in this section).  I also marked God with yellow triangles (this is how I mark Him throughout my Bible).  I could have made a list on all I saw about His Word.  (example: verse 7 tells us they are righteous).  I could also have made a list about all I learn about God here (example in verse 4 God has commanded that His precepts be kept diligently).  I could also continue my work with what I see about the blessed; those who walk in the law of the Lord (verse 1) (for example I would have in that list to have 'my eyes fixed on all your commandments').  Or I could have singled out one or two of these truths to put into the margin.  If something really strikes you as you go through our time together, please do not fear to do something differently than I do.  God's Word is alive and active and you may have something stand out to you that is different.  Go ahead and work with that.  If you aren't sure what to do because my entry is so different, just copy the verse in the margin or even write your insight there!  This is YOUR art journaling bible.  Make it yours!

I chose to focus on the two times the word 'heart' is used.  Blessed are those...who seek Him with their whole heart in verse 2 and in verse 7 the author writes that he will praise Him with an upright heart.  I wanted those two things to stand out.  I love the verbs SEEK HIM and PRAISE HIM, and decided to draw them in a 'whole heart':

 Again, I keep that lined paper underneath the strip (see yesterday's post for instructions on this) so I get very straight letters...
 I finished and outlined in my Micron pen 03.
 I cut outside the black line to be sure to get it all, as I like the definition black brings to the outside of artwork:
 Next, and you will do this too so I was sure to show you what I did here...I put the heart in different places on the page to see where I like it best.  This is personal preference and you can't get this wrong if you like it (remember it's YOUR bible!): 
 This would have been fine, but I knew I wanted to define 'heart' so I would be adding words...
 I really loved this and almost left it there...but tried one more spot...
 I could see the blank margin above the heart filled in with my word study on 'heart' so this is where I glued it down.
 You can go to blueletterbible.org and do simple word studies on words you want to understand better.  I use an exhaustive concordance and dictionaries.  The word heart has a Strongs # (there is a # for each word in the bible) and I look that number up to find the definition.  As I wrote the definition down, it reminded me of  when Jesus is asked what the Greatest Commandment is and He replies...
I use the letters CR whenever I do a cross-reference (this is another place in the bible that is dealing with the same topic or situation).  I wanted it written in so every time I read this I will read Matthew 22:37 with it.  Oh how we fall short in loving our amazing God with EVERYTHING in us!  Thankful for His grace and His enabling Spirit to help us draw near to Him more each day!

See you tomorrow!  Feel free to email or leave questions here if you have any! inspiredstamps@gmail.com
May God bless your ART...and your HEART,

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