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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hand Lettering in week 4: Memorizing Scripture in a Grateful Journal

Hello friends!
Today I photographed my entire creative process for you to see how I created the artwork part of my Memorizing Scripture in a Grateful Journal this week! 

First I used some Golden's Liquid Acrylic.  LOVE. THIS. STUFF!
I put it on with a damp paintbrush and then wiped some off in pouncing motions to give some dimension to the background:
I knew what verse I want because I am memorizing Romans 5:1-11 and next up is Romans 5:4, which has the word HOPE in it, I wanted to stand out.  At this point that is all I knew about what I wanted to do, so I used these two INSPIRED STAMPS stamp sets: BIBLE ART JOURNALING: BANNERS  and BIBLE ART JOURNALING: WORD MIX 1 (both in the etsy shop at the end of this post).  I also used a new set that is coming out this Friday called BIBLE ART JOURNALING: STITCHES AND BULLET POINTS:
I used a Crayola erasable colored pencil to lightly sketch a heart around the stamped word 'hope', and stamped banner and xxxx border because it was handy, but recommend a mechanical pencil and kneaded eraser which I usually use (erasing this pencil took more paint off and smeared some things my usual pencil/eraser would not).

I sketched in wiggly lines as guides and the words, having to erase to get better placement (this is part of how it works for's rarely a first time try with lettering!):
Next I took a Micron black pen 03 and went slowly (key to this) over each letter:
Then I thickened the letters and added some loop-de-loops to the S and Cs then erased the pencil marks.
Above, you see I began coloring with a pink marker...
Til it was all colored in!
I used my Micron and white Signo pen to add more to this:
and put it in my Scripture Memorization in a Grateful Journal:
I will do similar on the adjacent page next week in a different shape so the pages go together well. 

Let me know if you stop by!  I love hearing from you!
I'll be back here Friday with a couple of different Bible Art Journaling projects I'm working on!!
May God bless your HEART...and your ART!
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