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Friday, January 16, 2015

Bible Art Journaling: Week 3

Hello friends!
Today's BIBLE ART JOURNALING post is a simple one but one I really love the reminder of :PRAY WITHOUT CEASING!!  What an important reminder that we are to be in communion with our God throughout the day!  I used a few tools for this verse:  2 BRAND NEW INSPIRED STAMPS (you can find now in my etsy shop at   I used the word"PRAY" from the BIBLE ART JOURNALING: WORD MIX1 set:
Here are the markers I used (I mark inductively so the word pray has a green marking with a yellow inside as I mark pray the same throughout my study bible, and want to include that in my art journaling bible as well).  It's a MICRON 05 green pen; I wrote the words with MICRON 005 black.  The rest is easier to figure out (I think...let me know if you have a specific question!):
Here are a view different views of the bible page.  (There is much more space to get other thoughts, lists, verses on these passages left so don't think the page is complete):
 If you click on the photo below you will see the verse clearly.  I doodled around it and colored it in after marking pray:
 Here's the whole page view with lots of room for the next time I'm in this part of the Bible:
I hope you enjoyed this.  I am working on my Romans Art Journaling pages just for the first part of chapter one and it is taking quite a while to map out what I'm wanting the pages to be.  I will post an update on those with photos even if I am not much further along next Friday so you can see what I'm up to.  I am trying some new ideas, which always take me longer than if I stick with what I've done before (but where is the fun in that?) lol

Thanks for tuning in!  I will see you next Friday with another update on my Bible Art Journaling venture!  Wednesday I have an update scheduled for my memorizing Scripture in a Gratitude Journal post! 

Have a blessed week!
May God bless your HEART...and your ART!


Linda said...

Hi Antoinette. I'm enjoying your art journaling Bible. I noticed that you are using the Copics for coloring in the images. Don't they bleed through the page? Also, how sturdy is the paper in the bible you're using? I'm trying to decide which bible to buy for this. Thanks...Linda E.

Antoinette said...

Hi Linda!
Copic markers WILL bleed badly on Bible paper! I like to do much of my non-colored pencil artwork on a separate piece of paper, color it there, then adhere it with a tape runner (adhesive) to the bible page. Bible paper is going to be thin, so be sure to check around for what you are looking for. Thanks so much for leaving your comment here!!