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Friday, January 9, 2015

Bible Art Journaling: week 1 (Psalm 100: Thanksgiving)

Hello friends,
I am so excited to share with you the first of our 52 Weeks of Bible Art Journaling posts!  As I mentioned before, there will be a couple of different books I am working in.  One is my Journaling Bible that I am designating as my ART JOURNALING BIBLE which came to me looking like this:
I can't wait to show you what all I've done to both the inside and outside to personalize it!  The other book I'll be using is a Dylusions Journal (you'll see the first pages in this next Friday on the first chapter of Romans) where I can put more info down than I can in the margin of my bible:
 So what is Bible Art Journaling?  It is journaling with the use of any artistic style.  This can be writing the verse down in a pretty handwritten font, or even getting the verse down with an image around it, like in the examples I have here:
I have the 'letter' from Paul in the upper left hand corner and 'Ephesus' below, with the Scripture from Ephesians 1:1 written in.

Here is Ephesians 1:2 and 1:3 and you'll see I've got artwork to match my thoughts on the verse:

Another way to Bible Art Journal is to write the verse, write what it means, and write the truth from it (or an application that is found there).  I lead inductive Bible studies and we do this in written form in our studies (
TFTT is Truth From The Text (application):

In the one above I used a stamp for the Romans verse in Romans 12:2 you see in the orange box for those pages.
I'll have a version of this a little more detailed next weekend for the start of my Romans Bible Art Journaling.

Here is Bible Art Journaling done very simply (one way---I have more to share later but don't want to overwhelm you today) where I have used the inductive study tool of marking my text for the LORD and those that are His (His sheep/we/us) in my Art Journaling Bible.

  I could have made a list of all I learned about God in the space I used to rewrite an important verse I want to remember in this verse, or even what we are to do, according to Psalm 100:  Make a joyful noise, serve the Lord, come singing into His presence, Know He's god, He made us and not we ourselves, etc.  That is observing the text to see what God actually said before I try to dig into what He means.  So much to learn by studying this way.  I love that I can pull out key takeaways from His word and get them in the margin!  I used plain copier paper on the side and then showed you how I colored, added the stamp GIVE THANKS, and drew arrows below this page:

This is what it looks like on the Bible page.  Like I said, it's one way to Bible Art Journal.  I love doing both, as I feel it adds to the time I spend with the verses, meditating on God's Word and 'thinking on it'!

I will be back with more of this and will try to hold off posting until next weekend, but I get excited to share with you!!  Leave me a message and let me know if you have any questions or even that you are here looking around!  I hope this has been helpful!

May God bless your HEART...and your ART!
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Linda said...

Hello Antoinette. Love your post today. I really like the idea of art journaling in a bible,a and I'm hoping to try it soon. I have to buy the bible. It looks like there's quite a bit of room on the side for stamping or whatever. Just curious, do you teach this to the ladies in your Precept classes? Are they open to it? Thanks for doing these posts on art journaling. Happy New Year. Linda E.

Antoinette said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks so much for your comment! I have taught Bible Art Journaling for several years in workshops I teach, but not in my Precept Upon Precept classes, just because there is already 5 hours of study prescribed in those. I will be leading a summer workshop on this at my church however, with the bible study leaders there. Have a blessed week and thanks so much for your comment!