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Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015: 52 Weeks of Bible Art Journaling AND Scripture Memorization in a Grateful Calendar!!

Hello Friends!!

                      I am SUPER excited to begin a couple of 52 Week Journeys with you for 2015 here on the GodblessyourART blog!  I also run my Inspired Stamps blog over at for cards, tags, and other paper projects using Inspired Stamps so be sure to head over there if that is an interest of yours as well!!

On THIS blog, we will be having 2 main posts over the next 52 weeks!
First up will be on WEDNESDAYS (some weeks may be Thursday!) where I'm combining using this calendar binder to serve 2 purposes:
1.  I will be doing a little word art/stamping in the space I believe is intended for a photo with a Bible Verse I am committing to memory that week.
2.  In the individual days of this calendar art journal I will be listing what I am grateful for that day in a word or a few words.  My goal is to not repeat the same 'thanks to God' in this journal over the course of the entire year.  So while Jesus, Salvation, family, home, food, health, and job may fill in the first week as they are the first things I'm thankful for, my goal is for this to challenge me to look to the little blessings I may be forgetting to thank Him for, too!

If you want to join me, just grab YOUR calendar (whatever format you have) and start along with me!

Wednesdays posts of this little calender I am calling my:  52 Weeks of Scripture Memorizing in a Grateful Calendar which will start THIS WEDNESDAY (January 7)

Next up is Fridays (some make take me til the weekend to get posted)...
FRIDAYS (or the adjoining weekends if I need more time) I will be sharing my Bible Art Journaling posts.  I'm actually working in 2 different books for this project I am most excited about!

I lead inductive Bible Studies for women at my church, which basically means we use the bible as our primary source, with cross referencing and word studies utilized to help with interpretation.  Its an observation of the text, interpretation of the text, then application of the text type of study that I thoroughly love because it keeps us accurately handling the Word of God!

I will art journal different lessons that I feel require more than the pages of the bible will allow.  I will start off with the book of Romans and then we'll go from there and I'll use one of these Dylusions Creative Journals (large size) for that:
The other book I'll use is a bible.  I prefer the NASB for my study, but the ESV is also a great word for word translation (KJV and NKJV also word for word translations good for study).  I found a single column ESV journaling bible from crossway that came with a generous amount of space on the side for journaling (or art journaling):
I will be showing you my process from start to finish in many of the blog posts, so if you are new to writing in your bible (or drawing) or any combination of the two, my hope is that you will be comfortable in starting your own after viewing my posts.  For those of you who worry about mistakes (I get it...especially in your bible!), they make a number of erasable colored pencils, pens, and even markers I will recommend as we go along. Also, starting this Friday, I will show you something I really like to do to make putting something colorful in the margins easier as you get started!

*Note:  If you are someone who is NOT comfortable marking in your bible, please know you can use a journal or paper or even a dylusions creative journal like I have above in my first example, write out the Scripture you want to focus on, and do your art journaling there.

I have found that this SLOWS me down and helps me to really think on/chew on the words of God in a way that helps me memorize and cement God's Word in my mind.  I pray that will be helpful to you as well!!

I'll be back on WEDNESDAY then again on FRIDAY with my first posts here for these 52 Week Journeys!!

I hope you'll be joining me!

May God bless your HEART...and your ART!

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